Denise Mangold presents The cocker book
A  lifetime  devoted  to  the  american  cockers   spaniels......   unique passion  .....
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" A reference book "  


Denise Mangold breeder since 25 years   Author of  The Cocker spaniel



This book was written  to serve as a breed reference for the fanciers of both english and american cockers. Writen by Denise Mangold (american cockers spaniels) & Eliane Rousseau (english cockers spaniels) it allows the reader to learn from the historic to the grooming and current cares with numerous pictures and texts. It is a best seller in cockers.
Unfortunately it doesn't exist in englisgh language. There are several excellent books available in english language   as Dr Grossmann references books by Doral Publishing.

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De Vecchi  Publishing
LES COCKERS ISBN:2-7328-2107-1
price: 22.71 €


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