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History   Denise Mangold - JL Forrier   American cocker  spaniels breeders
A  lifetime  devoted  to  the  american  cockers   spaniels......   unique passion  .....
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FORMAN'S is the affix chosen by Denise Mangold & Jean-Louis Forrier and registered with the French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine). Denise and Jean-Louis are members of the American Spaniel Club and the French Spaniel Club (Spaniel Club Français).
FORMAN'S is an abbreviation of their two names, Jean-Louis FORRIER (FOR-) and
  Denise MANGOLD (-MAN), and symbolizes the work and love they have shared for many years for this extremely charming cocker spaniel, to reach the success they are proud to enjoy today.
The American cocker became part of our life more than twenty years ago. We adore this wonderful breed that we have always strived to develop conscientiously and with perseverance, thereby earning our international reputation. We have exported our cockers throughout the world and helped to promote the breed in many countries through our participation in dog shows. Dog magazines and other media have used Forman's cockers to illustrate their editorials. Photos of our dogs are frequently seen in magazines and brand name advertising (Renault, 3 Suisses), illustrations (Figaro, Modes et Travaux), films, and television shows (TF1, FR2, FR3, RTLTV...).


French  89320 VAUDEURS
Siret N°419 342 647 00015.



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